Stage Budapest

From August 1 (opening concert)

To August 11 (closing concerts) 2018

in Szabolcsi Bence Music School

near Astoria place

 - Isabelle Oehmichen, concert pianist, Cziffra prize, teacher of piano and chamber music in Paris
 - Richard Weninger (1936-2011), conductor and founder of the Chamber Orchestra of Hungary, ex-director and professor of chamber music at the Franz Liszt Academy.

Opening Concert; 1 August 2018

   Concert of chamber music give) by the professors of the Academy, free to students and listeners.
Principal Professors
 - Akos Pasztor, solo cellist, professor of chamber music at the Franz Liszt Academy in Budapest
 - Andrea Schuster, solo violinist, 1st solo violinist in several Hungarian orchestras, including the Monarchy Orchestra
 - Isabelle Oehmichen, concert pianist, artistic director of AMFH and of the Academy
 - Edit Mayor, pianist and professor of piano in Budapest
 - Ferenc Varga, solist clarinetist 

and Kornel Mikecz, Baryton solist at the Budapest Opera.


- principal assistant: Kornél Mikecz
 - Various young professionals.
Other professors of the Franz Liszt Academy, soloists on various instruments, are invited also each year.
Aims of the Course
 - The purpose of the course is to allow adult amateurs access to a very high standard of chamber music tuition, in small groups, in a warm, friendly and cultural environment.
 - There is no age limit. Students will receive a minimum of eight chamber music master classes, as well as additional rehearsal time. The instrumentalists are placed in programs in advance according to their levels of ability and personal tastes. They receive a proposal of two programmes (one or two movements of a work each) in two different styles, these programmes having already been studied (sight-read) prior to the course.
 - It is also possible to register for the course as a listener (music-lover or relative of the student) with the entitlement to enjoy all the programmes of the Summer Academy.
 - Only students and listeners will have a badge permitting access to the Conservatoire.
 - The classes will be  held in a new building, Szabolcsi Bence Music school, (Budapest, Vármegye u. 9, 1052, in the center of, Budapest, near to Astoria Place) where the students will enjoy the benefit of excellent facilities for their personal work. Many of the studios, most with one or two pianos, are available to students between the hours of 9.0am and 6.0pm.
 - Less advanced students can be accepted into a particular class, and accompanied in the concerts by a professional, for a supplement of 15 euros per class.
 - Students may stay in nearby city-centre hotels or appartments which offer us preferential rates. We can help and advise you in accordance with your wishes and your budget. Your accommodation could be a bed and breakfast, youth hostel or a 5 star hotel.

The Course
 - Opening Concert:August 1 2018 followed by the distribution of the complete course files, and access badges for the Conservatoire - arrange to arrive in Budapest during the afternoon.
 - The classes begin in the morning August 2 2018
 - Opening evening: August 2 2018- this evening event is included in the course for students and listeners. Dinner-cruise on the Danube, preceded by an on-deck aperitif.-  - Closing Concerts given by the students: 11th August.
 - Departure from August12
Other possible events
 - Various concerts within our Academy (included in the cost of the course);
 - Traditional Hungarian evening in a restaurant;
 - Relaxation therapy workshop for [combating] stage fright and [helping] concentration;
 - Organisation of cultural visits;
 - The Gellert Baths and other thermal baths;
 - The National Museum, The Ethnic Museum, the Royal Palace, Parliament, Budapest Market…
 - a number of reasonably-priced restaurants.
Course Registration
- Registration fee: 15 euros upon joining the Association Musical Franco-Hongroise, for listeners and students;
- Plus Course fee -
        Students: 515 euros, including -
        - a minimum of eight master-classes;
        - opening-evening cruise dinner and aperitif;
        - provision of a rehearsal studio, with grand piano, between 9.0 am and 6.0 pm;
        - opportunity to attend all the course classes and concerts.
        Listeners: 110 euros, including 
        - opening-evening cruise-dinner and aperitif;
        - opportunity to attend all the course classes and concerts;
- opportunity to work in the Conservatoire studios, within the limits of available places, and to take one or two specific classes.
Registration for the 2018 Course
 - For any request for additional information and registration, send us an email with your name, stating of your instrument and approximate level of standard of playing reached. We will send you a form to return to us, along with your jpg photograph (applies to both students and listeners).
- As soon as your registration is confirmed, and after receipt of your deposit, we will propose a programme for you (as a student) to prepare, and send you detailed information about the course, and about Budapest.
Final Date for Registration
- The available places will be taken till the end of May 2017, (in order that we can propose to you the programmes for preparation). 
- The number of places for pianists is limited. Nonetheless, once the quota has been reached, a programme for two pianos  (duos for two pianos) could be proposed for pianists enrolling on the course. Once your registration has been accepted, the non-refundable deposit must be paid to confirm the registration.
- Students: 140 euros (15 euros for entry into the AMFH plus 125 euros deposit);
- Listeners: 50 euros (15 euros for entry into the AMFH plus 35 euros deposit).

Please, contact us for all questions at: