Isabelle Oehmichen draws upon her French heritage and unusual musical training in her delicately nuanced and technically exquisite performances as a soloist, or in orchestral or chamber music venughout France, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Finland, the Netherlands, Germany and Hungary.

As a young musician, Isabelle won First Place in the Milosz Magin International Piano Competition in 1989 and the George Cziffra Competition in 1993. She studied with Milosz Magin, the Polish-French composer-pianist (1929 to 1999) for 8 years and he wrote the Third Sonata for Isabelle who has recorded Magin works.
She also studied with George Cziffra, a Hungarian virtuoso pianist (1921 to 1994) who was renowned for his dazzling performances of Liszt. Under Cziffra the tradition of European pianistic virtuosity was handed down to Isabelle; from Franz Liszt to István Thomán (who also taught Béla Bartók and Ernö Dohnányi) to George Cziffra to Isabelle Oehmichen.

Isabelle has recorded 13 CDs and has performed in radio and television recitals including a filmed recital in Zelazova-Wola, Chopin’s birthplace; Liszt’s Concerto of Wissmer with the Symphony Orchestra of Leon Barzin conducted by J. J. Werner; and Saint-Saëns’ 2 nd Concerto at the Academy of Franz Liszt in Budapest for Bartók Radio.

Her performance repertoire includes works by Liszt, Chopin, Magin, Sauguet, Collet, Mozart, Dohnányi, and other chamber and solo pieces.
Isabelle is also teaches master classes and lectures in a seminar series on “Musical Heritage”, a conference of the Sorbonne University on the subject of romantic interpretation of the piano.
She is also artistic director of the Association of French Hungarian Music in Paris (A.M.F.H.) and as a Director of the Academy of Chamber Music in Budapest, Hungary. She is active in hosting music festivals and master class programs for professional and amateur musicians.


CD Carl Czerny
“ Czerny’s writing is achingly lovely, and Oehmichen’s playing is a model of clarity, intelligence, and lightness of touch. This is an exquisitely lovely album and it belongs in every classical collection.”
Rick Anderson, CD HotList - 2012 September 
CD Chopin
"Isabelle Oehmichen plays Chopin magnificently in a passionate, moving, sensual way, as we hear it too seldom " 
Philippe van den Bosch, "CLASSICA-RÉPERTOIRE" - Mars 2006

CD Chopin
"From the first listening, we are full of emotion and delighted by its subtle, right and emotional playing. Isabelle Oehmichen brings us in these Chopin's intense and endless pages a rare genuineness . It is the interpretation of a big artist that we can, without hesitation, compare with Jorge Bolet or Dinu Lipatti, and who leaves us simultaneously bowled over and passionately enthused.”
- Mars 2006

CD Chopin
" Of a strong personality, her assurance and firmness sheds light onto these splendid pieces (of Chopin). Isabelle Oehmichen gives brightness in this nocturne (Op.48 n°1); her interpretation is outstanding. " 
Frédéric Serrano, "RES MUSICA" - Février 2006

CD Chopin
“A specialist of Chopin, Isabelle Oehmichen, as usual, thanks to her technical workmanship, makes light of all difficulties and moves away from certain high-flown versions . She takes particular care over the shimmering and bright tones and is expressive with lyric flight of fancy withoutemphasis.” 
Janvier-Février 2006

concerto K415 de Mozart
"... This brilliant interpreter enjoys an international reputation, the public was completely touched by her ethereal playing (concerto K415 of Air) suspended in notes in a gathered silence... The very subtle interpretation of the soul of a complete artist... " 
"OUEST-FRANCE" - Avril 2003

CD Dohnanyi
At the same time committed, flexible and sincere, the perfect interpretation of Isabelle Oehmichen - a remarkable pianist of whom we would be well inspired to speak more - perfectly accompanied by the Weiner Chamber Orchestra, is exciting and enticing... "
Robert Harmon, "PIANO LE MAGAZINE" - Avril 2003

Récital à Gap
“... The pianist subjugates by her technique and the soul which she brings in to her works.... The elegance, harmony, generosity and virtuosity of Isabelle Oehmichen brought to the public a big musical and poetic warmth.” 

CD Liszt
“Isabelle Oehmichen excels in painting of atmosphere; her light, definite and transparent play, her solid pianistic technique allow her to out-manoeuvre all snares as is evident by her polished playing…. ” 

Récital à Orléans
“ Oehmichen: Potency and favour... One of the sure values of the French piano... Ample phrasing, a touch of great delicacy... A remarkable technical workmanship and a nice virtuosity... Dynamic impressive rises... ” 
CD Liszt
“Frenchwoman in Slavonic soul, Isabelle knows her piano and shows its splendour.” 
Jacques Doucelin, “LE FIGARO” - 1997

CD Liszt
“ Her game has an authenticity and a quality of touch which allows her to approach all nuances of feelings from Liszt.” 
M. Le Naour, “LE MONDE DE LA MUSIQUE” - 1996

Concert à Budapest 
“ The playing of Isabelle Oehmichen, the soloist of the second concerto of Saint-Saëns, was imprinted with absolutely splendid technique and radiant feelings. The artist deserved well the passionate reception of the public of the Academy Franz Liszt. ” 
Janos Breuer ,”NEPSZABADSAG” Budapest - 1996

CD Liszt
“ A mellow sonority, a perfect clarity of sound plans and a vast range of nuances: Isabelle Oehmichen has them to a high degree.”
Michel Fleury, “DIAPASON” - 1996

“ She has something of the passion of Horowitz and the potency of Ogdon. She drew from her keyboard the most emotional sounds which I have heard this day. ” 
Martin Anderson , « CD REVIEW » Londres - 1993